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Mobile for Photography

Let’s admit it, mobile, or smartphone photography are very practical and provide decent quality photos.

I take breathtaking photos with my mobile phone, all what is needed is to follow basic steps in order to assure quality and beauty.

Mobile Phone Camera Functionality

Our mobile phones have a more sophisticated camera than we think. In automatic mode, which is the default mode in most of the phones, it will automatically adjust all the necessary parameters (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, check my article Digital Photography Gears and Terminology for more details about these terms) to get the optimum exposure and quality photo. So in Automatic or Photo mode just take the photo.

In manual or Pro mode, you can adjust two of the three main parameters of the camera to get the exposure you desire. The ISO and the Shutter Speed, As shown in the below image.

So as a rule of thumb:

If you want darker photo:

Decrease the ISO (it’s always good to keep the ISO low in order to get more clear images without too many noises , (looks like a dust on the photo) and Increase the Shutter Speed until you get the desired brightness


If you want a brighter photo:

Decrease the Shutter Speed, and increase the ISO to an acceptable level where noises are reduced.

Make sure to keep the Shutter Speed at a reasonable speed (1/100) to keep the photo sharp and avoid blurriness


Taking Photos Tips

If you need to learn something important learn only this: LIGHT is everything.

So, how this can help you take amazing shots:

Portrait photo: when taking such photos, if you are outdoor keep the sun light on the right or left of you subject, avoid taking photo with the sun behind you subject, unless you activate the flash and be close to you subject.

A very valuable advice I learned is that the best outdoor portraiture shots are taken at sunset time, as the light is diffused across the sky. If you are in door keep light in abundance and try avoiding the built in flash to get more natural photos.

Landscape photo: use you creativity and you can have dramatic photos by playing with light, at dusk, at dawn.

You can put you camera in Pro mode so to adjust the brightness. I invite you to experiment and play around with all these settings, you will be amazed.

Taking Selfies Tips

Taking selfie is very straight forward, put your camera on selfie mode and just press the button.

However, I have a new suggestion on how to take an amazing selfie, specially indoor with low light condition.

You will be using the normal mode and not the selfie mode, you need to activate the automatic mode of the flash of you camera (click on the thunder symbol having the letter A) , activate the timer and take the shot pointing the rear camera toward you face. The rear camera have better quality most of the time then the front camera. Try it out, it’s fun, you will be surprised as you will be looking more natural.

Photos in Night Time

Taking photos at nighttime is tricky, as I said earlier light is everything.

If you are taking landscape photos, a tripod is very helpful to get a clear stable well exposed image.

What I would do is putting the camera in PRO mode, set the right shutter speed and ISO so I can get the desired brightness and then I’ll activate the timer for 5 seconds (my recommendation) , and take the shot. Setting the timer will take the photo with delay thus avoiding camera shakes and resulting in a sharp shot.

If you are taking portrait photo at night in door or outdoor with very low light conditions, you need to you mobile flash light to illuminate you subject. A main tip stay close to you subject, usually between a meter and two meters a maximum.


What you need to remember is the light is crucial for a successful shot.

Using you mobile camera in the default mode will work in most of the situation.

Use the PRO mode to fine tune and be creative.

Use the flash light as last resort.

Explore, experiment, and be creative there is lot of fun waiting for you.

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